Change in border control procedure

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:28

Dear Passenger!

From 11th October 2014, the verification of the identity of third country nationals under visa obligation shall also comprise the fingerprint verification on border checks.

The Police is authorized to verify the fingerprint of visa holders based on Section 35/B. (1) (2) of the Act XXXIV of 1994 on the Police.

If you are having the nationality of a third country under visa obligation and you are in possession of a Schengen visa marked with „VIS”, you are kindly requested to provide your fingerprint during the passport control.

Taking fingerprints will be carried out on entry systematically and on exit non-systematically.

You will be informed about the appropriate use of the fingerprint reader by a display installed inside the control booth.

Please touch the fingerprint reader according to the instructions showed on the display.

The fingerprints, what were taken during the border checks, will not be stored, they will be used only for the verification of the identity.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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