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We are doing our job

2022. 03. 08., Tue - 11:57
ORFK Kommunikációs Szolgálat

The police ensure entry, inform and assist refugees in need

For the attention of travelers

2022. 03. 07., Mon - 13:46
ORFK Kommunikációs Szolgálat

Travel restrictions previously imposed due to the epidemic situation have been lifted.

Helping people from Ukraine

2022. 02. 28., Mon - 14:26
Budapesti Rendőr-főkapitányság

Police welcome refugees at the Keleti and Nyugati Railway Station with partner agencies and provide all assistance.


Do you, your family or friends need help?

What to do

Please, call the 112 emergency number.

Border crossing information

Accessibility statement

2020. 06. 11., Thu - 15:17

The National Police Headquarters (hereinafter: ORFK) is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with Act LXXV of 2018 on Accessibility of Public Sector Websites and Mobile Applications.

Change in border control procedure

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:28

Dear Passenger!

From 11th October 2014, the verification of the identity of third country nationals under visa obligation shall also comprise the fingerprint verification on border checks.

The Police is authorized to verify the fingerprint of visa holders based on Section 35/B. (1) (2) of the Act XXXIV of 1994 on the Police.

NEW RULES ON PASSPORTS concerning non-EU nationals

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:26

The Hungarian Police informs third country nationals (NON-EU citizens), that according to REGULATION (EU) No 610/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council, from 19 July 2013 third country nationals may enter into the Schengen area only if their travel document (passport) validity extends at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States and has been issued within the previous 10 years.

Border crossing

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:16

Information ON border crossing FOR NON-EU citizens

Time of residence

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:12

In case of entry with passport (if the owner is NOT subjected to visa requirements) or ID card,the maximum period of lawful stay is 90 days within 6 months.

Minors wishing to travel abroad

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:10

In case of a minor travelling abroad we suggest the minor or his fellow passenger to carry adeclaration of consentfrom the parents (or if the minor travels with one parent only, from the other parent), in which they allow for their child to travel and stay abroad. The declaration should be in the language of the destination country, respectively the transit countries, or a translation should be enclosed to it.

Opening a temporary crossing point

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 01:05

A temporary border crossing point can be under Articles 10-16 of the Governmental Decree 332 of 2007 (XII. 13.) on opening and operating border crossing points and the temporary border crossing points.

Data stored in the SIS

2017. 07. 18., Tue - 00:58

In accordance with EU and Hungarian data protection regulations, upon application, anyone has right to obtain information on data stored in Schengen Information System (SIS) concerning him or her. Anyone is entitled to request to correct or delete incorrect or unlawfully stored data relating to him or her or to turn to a court or competent authority requesting to correct or delete data or to affeer compensation.

Border information

Ártánd - Borş

1/2 hr

Csanádpalota Autópálya Határátkelő - Nădlac II

2 hr

1 hr

Csengersima - Petea

1 hr

Nagykereki - Bors II

1/2 hr

Nagylak - Nădlac

2 hr

1 hr

Röszke - Horgoš autópálya

2 hr

2 hr

Záhony - Čop

5 hr


Waiting time is less than 15 minutes on the other border crossing points.